Monday, November 1, 2010

November, 12th artwalk and News

I am about to embark on a new designing adventure.  I think I've mentioned that my previous laptop died a few months ago, and although I was able to rescue and save some files, it seems that two of my web sites have to be rebuilt from scratch.  SO, I have purchased a new template for one of the sites, and hope to have it designed and built soon.  Of course, it may take a while since these things never seem to go easily for me!

November's featured artists:

Anne Fulton-Brunner:  Anne is a long time family friend who started painting a few years ago, her work is colorful and a bit different from what usually represent.  She works in watercolor and acrylic.  Some work is mixed medium, all of her work is affordable and fits almost any decor at a very reasonable price.

Gary Lemeyer - works with fine, white, cement, his creations include: Angels, fish, snails, birds.  All are whimsicle and very affordable.

Judy Corlett - blown glass jewelry - BIG is in!  Judy's work, although it appears to be large, it's very light and wearable.  Her colors are well chosen for this season's fashions.  Very reasonably priced.

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